Medical Equipment- AS/NZS 3551 VS All Electrical Appliance – AS/NZS 3760

It has been clarified that to reduce the test and tag services confusion between AS/NZS 3551 (Medical Equipment) and AS/NZS 3760 (Electrical Appliance), all electrical devices/appliances that are defined as medical equipment/system are now required to be tested as per AS/NZS 3551 regardless of whether the electrical appliance is a biomedical equipment.

AS 3551 Safety Analyser
AS 3760 Safety Analyser

For Example:

A standard tablet or printer that is connected to biomedical equipment, such as ultrasound machine or audiometer, it will needs to be tested under AS/NZS 3551, not AS/NZS 3760.

At EasiMed, we make it easy!

We can check and calibrate your medical equipment in accordance with AS3551 and test and tag your electrical equipment in line with AS3760 in the same visit.

  • No confusion
  • No lock in contract
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If you would like to book your testing and tagging services, or if you have any questions about your medical equipment specific needs, please contact EasiMed today.

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