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As any medical equipment must be safe and functional, it must not harm to the patient, to achieve this, we recommend all medical practice should comply with AS/NZS3551, we would like to take this opportunity to provide you with an overview of some of the key points contained in the AS/NZS3551 standard.

Electrical Safety Test – AS/NZS-3551 specifies what parameters should be tested

These include:

  • Visual inspection of external mains supply components
  • Protective earthing resistance
  • Insulation resistance
  • Touch current
  • Earth leakage current
  • Patient leakage current
  • Mains contact current test

Function Test

Medical device is measuring the physiological parameters. These parameters are largely device dependent so are harder to define than the electrical safety parameters.

Basic functional testing should include the following:

  • Device inputs
  • Device outputs
  • Alarms
  • Safety cut-out or protective functions

Frequency of Testing

An organization shall establish test intervals for the required maintenance and inspection activities so that the risks and hazards are adequately managed.

Periodic performance verification and preventive maintenance intervals shall be determined at acceptance, and entered into the device history in the medical equipment database.

In establishing appropriate test and maintenance intervals, the responsible organization, in consultation with the service entity, shall consider, at least:

(a)the level of pre-use checking by users on a regular basis or immediately before use;

(b)the manufacturer’s recommended intervals;

(c)an assessment of the impact of failure;

(d)an assessment of the likelihood of failure;

(e)an assessment of the location of use;

(f)experience with similar medical equipment, both internally and externally to the organisation;

(g)knowledge of the individual medical equipment and its usage;

(h)statutory requirements;

(i)an assessment of the level of use; and

(j)service history.

Where the organization does not apply risk management principles that take into account the above factors to justify the test intervals, tests shall be performed at least in accordance with the manufacturer’s inspection intervals.

More commonly shall be performed at least annually.

As a medical equipment service company we strongly believe regular testing and calibration of your practice’s medical equipment is a crucial step in ensuring the safety and accuracy of the medical device used in your practice, compliance with AS3551 will be beneficial to your medical practice and patients.

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