EasiMed is in the SA Health Professional Services Panel

As a local Adelaide biomedical service provider, we are delighted to be in the SA Health biomedical services panel and we are privileged to provide our services to SA government hospitals for their medical equipment maintenance needs.


The Biomedical Services sub panel is intended to cover suppliers who provide both repairs and maintenance for Biomedical Equipment in hospitals. The categories include: 

  • General biomedical services for unspecified devices – including breakdown repair &/or scheduled maintenance
  • Breakdown repair specific device – attend site or have technology sent to EasiMed
  • Scheduled maintenance specific device – includes inspection, performance verification, calibration or preventive maintenance
  • Technical training – specific to a technology

How that works for SA Health (SAH) Customers

Whether you are in Local Health Networks, SA Ambulance or Statewide Clinical Support Services. A supplier selection tool has been developed for you to search for appropriate suppliers.

You could utilising a supplier selection tool that lists the services each supplier can offer, allow SAH customers to request information and a quotation on the scope of services being sourced.

We are in Sub Panel 3 – Biomedical Services.

Just in case you need a quick search, EasiMed vendor code of SA Health is 124651.

Once a Request for Quotation is received, we will provide a response within the specified time.

If further information regarding use of the panel is required please contact the Professional Services Category Management Team on the details below:

Category Management
Procurement and Supply Chain Management
Email: Health.PSCMServices@sa.gov.au www.sahealth.sa.gov.au

Our Biomedical Engineering Service

  • General biomedical services for hospital medical equipment – including breakdown repair and scheduled maintenance.
  • Breakdown repair/Routine maintenance to specific device – attend site or repair offsite.
  • Scheduled maintenance to specific device – includes inspection, performance verification, calibration and preventive maintenance.
  • Biomedical engineering services to hospitals and healthcare community customers.
  • 5 years solid biomedical engineering experiences in South Australian Hospitals
  • Professionally trained by SA BME inline with AS3551
  • Fully understand healthcare sector policies
  • Fully understand hospital/clinical, laboratory-controlled environment requirements

What can we help

  • All types of medical equipment, surgical instrument and surgical endoscope AS3551
  • All general electrical equipment appliances AS3760
  • Autoclave steriliser calibration validation AS4815
  • Patient area testing Body Protected and Cardiac Protected AS3003

Request your free no-obligation quotation or any further information

If you would like to book your biomedical device for testing and maintenance, or if you have any questions about your specific medical device, please contact EasiMed today.

Phone: 0432477548

Email: service@easimed.com.au

Mail: PO BOX 62, Holden Hill, South Australia 5088

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