Simplify your work – Medical equipment manager – Adelaide locally based support

We can oversee all of your medical equipment in a timely and reliable way, we can create a service package that is easy to implement and customise to suit your medical device testing and calibration requirements , enable you track a device service history easily with EasiMed.

Assist in your accreditation

  • Records of your medical equipment, including the date of purchase, preventive maintenance schedule, model with serial number and location.
  • Easy to use documentation of repair and maintenance.
  • Details of preventive maintenance performed for your medical equipment.
  • Proactive for you and automatically send reminder for you based on required maintenance frequency.

Easy maintenance at EasiMed

  • Help business owners maintain accreditation.
  • Improve safe and high-quality health care.
  • Provide medical equipment lifecycle insights
  • Customised to your requirements
  • Clear and prompt reports
  • Economic approach

Complimentary services allows you to track

  • Maintenance schedule and history
  • Spares and consumables price
  • Your equipment asset data
  • Due date and due time
  • Service reports

EasiMed offers value-added service to our core business to enhance the customer experience.

We believe that our flexible solutions and competitive pricing enable EasiMed differentiate from the competition.

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