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Digital Radiography System

Model: VET 1800

VET1800 is a digital high frequency X-ray radiography system for veterinary use. It can be used in pet hospital radiology room, pet clinic and etc., satisfies radiography requirements of animals of different body types.


  • Adopts high frequency inverter technology, X-ray quality is fine, stable and reliable, image is clear with good contrast.
  • Adopts kV and mAs closed-up controlling technology, micro computer real-time control, assures dose accuracy and high repeatability.
  • Use kV and mAs to adjust radiography parameters, true color display, overvoltage, overcurrent, output overload and overheating protection.
  • Preset multiple radiography programs, users can revise and save by themselves.
  • High quality monoblock X-ray generator greatly reduces X-ray radiation and protects environment and operators.
  • Automatic failure protection device and failure alarm display.
  • System automatically saves parameters when powered off.
  • Manually and remotely control radiography functions.
  • Support barcode scanner to process patient’s information input.
  • Equipped with vet image acquisition software.
  • Professional operation procedure, support DICOM 3.0 standard, precise image processing support report output.

Technical Parameters

  • Output power: 50KW
  • Main inverter frequency: 400kHz
  • X-ray tube: Toshiba E7884X
  • Tube voltage: 40kV~120kV
  • Tube current: 10mA~630mA
  • mAs: 1.0mAs~630mAs
  • Power condition: 380V±38V
  • Exposure method: wire control/remote control

Digital Imaging System

  • Flat panel detector: CareView 1800L
  • Pixel pitch: 154um
  • Valid size: 17”x17”
  • Resolution: 3.6lp/mm
  • A/D conversion: 16bits
  • Detector type: A-si
  • Pixel matrix: 2816×2816

Mechanism Parameters

  • Table length: 1500mm
  • Table width: 650mm
  • Table height: 800mm
  • Table transverse movement: 480mm
  • SID:1000mm

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