Our Goal

One of the things EasiMed wants to do this year, we committed to this year, we want to be able to help as many customers as possible with their biomedical equipment service needs.

If you have medical equipment service needs and you have your recent service quotation, we are able to support you to reduce your service cost up by 30%, which you can reinvested in patient care.

Medical equipment maintenance and testing can be costly, but failing to maintain medical equipment can take an even greater cost on your day to day business operation.

As your local Adelaide biomedical equipment service company, EasiMed with a goal of lowering your cost and risk and delivering reliable and cost-effective equipment testing and maintenance through our innovative business structure and cutting-edge testing equipment.

We are dedicated to driving hard dollar saving for local Adelaide healthcare organisations related to biomedical equipment service requirements.

Our Service

Our expert biomedical engineer and technician has extensive experience servicing and repairing a wide range of medical equipment.

We have confidence in a clear pricing structure so that you can determine exactly what price you will pay.

There are no hidden fees, if we find that your medical equipment requires parts, you will be provided with an upfront quotation before any further work is carried out, you will never left wondering and worried about any hidden costs, alternatively, please contact us for your specific quotation.

We are specialised in medical equipment calibration, repair, service, maintenance, autoclave validation and accreditation test, EasiMed is very competitive to other established corporate.

Best Price Promise

Instead of spending a fortune on paid advertising and paid marketing, we invest it into customer service and customer experience.

Our primary focus is to help our customers to achieve their medical equipment service needs in a cost-effective way.

We guarantee that you receive the most affordable medical equipment services in Adelaide.

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