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Veterinary Electrocardiograph

Model: ECG100G-VET

ECG100G-VET is an digital single channel ECG collecting real-time ECG signal and printing ECG waveform with thermal printing system, which features in recording and displaying ECG waveform with manual or auto mode, prompting for “Lead off” and “Lack of paper”, optional interface languages, case database management.


  • Digital signal processor, gets better quality ECG waveform by ECG signals filtering through the power frequency filter, baseline filter and EMG filter.
  • Output system: High-resolution thermal-array (8dots/mm), without any adjustment. Recording frequency Response: Up to 150Hz.
  • The device can record exact single channel ECG waveform and annotation in real-time and continuously. The annotation includes: lead sign, sensitivity, paper speed, filter state, etc.
  • Under automatic mode, just press the button once, the device will complete record automatically, which improves work efficiency.
  • The languages of operation interface include Chinese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Turkish. Print languages include Chinese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Turkish.
  • In optimal DC state, the device can standby 7 hours, print 4 hours continually and record 150 pieces of ECG waveform.

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