Looking for rental of gas flow analyser for ventilator measurement and calibration in Adelaide South Australia?

Hire a VenTest high-performance gas flow analyser from EasiMed, short-term or long-term available.

VenTest 800 Gas Flow Analyser

The standard model for universal applications

High-performance gas flow analyser for ventilator measurement and calibration

  • Brand: RIGEL
  • All-in-one gas flow analyser
  • Measures and calculates all common respiratory parameters
  • Compatible with gas standards and gas type
  • Built-in data storage
  • USB, RS-232 and external trigger interface
  • Portable with battery operation

Ventilator Analysis Test Functions

  • Bidirectional flow
  • High and low pressure
  • Differential and barometric pressure
  • Oxygen concentration
  • Temperature
  • Dew point
  • Respiratory parameters including; rate, time Ti, Te, I:E ratio, Ti:Ttotal ratio, breadth volumes Vti, Vte, minute volumes Vi, Ve, pressure Ppeak, Pmean, PEEP, Pplateau, Peak flow, Compliance and Adult, pediatric and HFO trigger

Why hire from EasiMed?

  • Flexible rental periods – Daily, Weekly and Monthly
  • No hidden fees and finance packages

How to book rental gas flow analyser?

  • Contact us on admin@easimed.com.au or call us on 0432 477 548 and speak to a member of our friendly team
  • We will assess your needs and advise you on the best rental options

Want to purchase outright?

  • Outright purchase option available
  • Own this device immediately
  • Fast secure delivery worldwide

For more information about medical equipment testing instruments hire or purchase, please contact us today!

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  • Phone: 0432477548
  • Email: admin@easimed.com.au
  • Mail: PO BOX 62, Holden Hill, South Australia 5088

Phone: 0432477548
Email: service@easimed.com.au
Mail: PO BOX 62, Holden Hill, South Australia 5088