Buy your Laboratory Autoclave Steriliser in Adelaide South Australia.

We are passionate about what we do and we will continuously support and provide the best infection control equipment for our local Adelaide South Australian customers.

Specially designed for laboratory sterilisation, making the sterilisation process safer and more accurate, the whole process can be traced and verified.

ICANCLAVE 3242T/3262T [CLASS B Autoclave]

Product Features

  • Independent steam generator, fast generation of fully saturated steam to ensure efficient sterilisation.
  • Pulsating vacuum system ensures effective removal of cold air inside the chamber as well as air bubbles in solid instruments, porous instruments and wastes, so that the steam can completely penetrate the interior of the object to achieve an effective sterilisation.
  • Multi protection, equipped with mechanical and electronic safety mechanisms for pressure & temperature overload protection and safety door locking system.
  • Media temperature sensor, equipped with a special media temperature sensor for liquid sterilisation. The media sensor is inserted into the liquid to accurately and effectively monitor the temperature of the liquid, so as to achieve effective sterilisation.
  • Fresh water and waste water tank, built-in fresh water tank and waste water tank, no need to add fresh water or drain waste water in each cycle.
  • Drying, all sterilisation programs include a drying phase, the drying time is programmable. There is also an additional separate drying program that dries items independently.
  • User – defined program, sterilisation temperature, pulsating vacuum times, sterilisation time. Drying time can be user-defined , not only to meet the sterilisation of instruments, glasses, liquids, culture media, etc., but also to maintain the temperature after sterilising process.
  • Documentation equipped with an internal memory able to store 10000+ cycles, and the cycle reports can be automatically saved via the USB driver or simply printed on thermal paper as soon as cycle ends.

Uses of Industries

  • microbiology
  • biochemistry
  • food industry
  • material testing
  • pharmacy
  • universities

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