Medical Equipment Service Contractor, your local biomedical engineering support in Adelaide South Australia

If you are looking for Adelaide local biomedical service companies to create a service contract program for your medical equipment accreditation testing, calibration, validation and servicing, look no further than EasiMed in Adelaide South Australia.

Our many years of working experience in local government hospital and international companies, combined with certified training for many of the major Australian medical equipment suppliers, make EasiMed an affordable and powerful resource for your clinic, practice, or hospital.

We provide cost effective medical equipment services, repairs and maintenance to meet your needs and requirements.

There are some occasions when your work will not run as you have planned, this is due to a variety of reasons, there may be your business growing at an unprecedented rate, new customers from interstate, a large volume of backlogs job needs to be clear, upcoming accreditation audit, or shortage of in-house biomedical engineering staff…

Whatever the reason is, EasiMed is willing to work for you and your business based on any short- or long-term contract at an affordable rate. Whether you just need to hire someone for a couple of days, weeks, months at a time, or a long-term business partner, we can help and look forward to the successful collaboration with your clinic, practice, or hospital.

Benefits of Hire a Medical Equipment Service Contractor

  • Saves money – We are happy to beat any genuine competitor’s price at up to 30% OFF to ensure your best service price you are looking for.
  • Saves time – Planned service schedule on your covered equipment works under your time slot
  • Reliable service – Take care of accreditation testing, emergency repairs, annual servicing, calibration and validation

Who we serve

  • Hospitals, medical practices and clinics
  • Intrastate or interstate business partners
  • OEM original equipment manufacturers
  • Overseas medical equipment suppliers and business associates

Why us

  • Professionally trained biomedical specialists
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Help you to achieve your business goals
  • Affordable rate, Best Price Promise in Adelaide

EasiMed delivers top quality biomedical equipment accreditation testing, repairs, calibration and validation services to help your medical facility to continue providing a high level of care to your patients.

We provide a wide range of comprehensive services that you would expect to receive with professional biomedical service companies, as well as options for medical equipment service contract and other flexible work arrangement.

Contact us today to learn more about all of the services available through EasiMed and your up to 30% OFF price to your current service provider.