What is PM preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a comprehensive testing program to ensure that equipment is operating within the manufacturer’s specifications. The PM program will help to prevent wear and tear, sudden failure, and extend the life of the equipment. This means you will have less downtime, which helps to prevent costly and unnecessary repairs.

The benefits of preventive maintenance

  • Accreditation compliance
  • Staff and customer safety
  • Longer equipment life
  • Less equipment downtime
  • Financial savings

What we do

At EasiMed, we perform preventive maintenance to maximise the efficiency and service life of your medical equipment. We will assess your equipments and conditions and recommend testing and maintenance intervals to ensure the safety and accuracy of your medical equipment. We will let you know when your equipment due for test with maintenance records are kept for extended periods of time for your work health safety or accreditation compliance purposes.

How can we help

For medical practices, hospitals and clinics

  • Mobile biomedical technician – We come to you!
  • Specific equipment service – Tailored to your maintenance needs.
  • Contract preventive maintenance work – Short- or long-term.
  • On site PM activity support – Relief to the team during busy periods.

For interstate business partners

  • Your medical equipment service agent – Local support in Adelaide SA.
  • Wide range of service options – To suit your specific requirements.
  • Flexible approach – Customised to your biomedical equipment maintenance needs.
  • Help you and your customers to succeed – Serve your customers in Adelaide SA.

For OEM original equipment manufacturers

  • Installation, commissioning and training for your product – we work for you on your behalf.
  • On-site support – serve your local Adelaide SA customer just a phone call away.
  • Service and after sales support – care for your customer in Adelaide SA.
  • Spares and inventory management – provides customised support for OEMs in Adelaide SA.

Your business is busy and growing

Keep your PM work easy with our preventive maintenance services, if you would like to learn more about how can we help you specifically, or if you have any questions about our sevices, please contact EasiMed today.