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TPLO Battery Saw

Model: TPLO Saw

TPLO Battery Saw is an oscillating saw designed for use in small animal surgery for precise cuts in Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy

  • High-strength stainless steel to ensure the intraoperative safety
  • Blade thickness and a variety of commonly used knee prosthesis to match with the template, forming an osteotomy can be the perfect fit prosthesis, bring you a more accurate and rapid surgical procedures
  • Specially designed saw tooth, to ensure that a very small contact pressure to achieve accurate and neat osteotomy. Thus, greatly reduce the heat generated when cutting the lead to the risk of osteonecrosis

Standard Configuration

  • One saw handpiece
  • One charger
  • Two batteries
  • Two aseptic battery transfer rings
  • One spanner
  • One saw blade ( size can be chosen)
  • One Aluminum case


  • Output power: 130W
  • Frequency: 0-16000rpm
  • Noise: ≤75dB
  • Sterilisation temperature: ≤135℃
  • Operation voltage: 12V
  • Unit rise in temperature: ≤25℃
  • Charging time: About two hours
  • Net weight: 1.5KG
  • Radial run-out: ≤0.5MM
  • Battery type: NI-MH Battery
  • Charging input voltage: AC100-240V; 50/60Hz
  • Charging output power: 7.2v-14.4V

Product Features

  • Can be sterilised up to 135℃
  • Standard triangular interface saw head
  • Ni-MH battery without memory environment
  • Adopt hard oxidised material aluminum alloy case
  • Step-less speed regulation, ergonomic design, more convenience and safety for operators
  • Simple operation, perfect cutting, lighter, small heat production, small vibration


Saw blades

Size available: R12/R15//R18/R21/R24/R27/R30/R33

Loading saw blades

Battery and Charger

Battery aseptic transfer rings

Full set

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