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Portable Veterinary Color Doppler Ultrasound System

Model: ZONCARE-M5 vet

Product Features

  • Clean, progressive design
  • 12-inch high resolution LED monitor with 90 degrees rotation
  • Two activated transducer connectors
  • Optional built-in lithium battery
  • Optional on custom-fit companion cart and suitcase
  • Imaging mode: B, B+B, M, CFM, PDI, PW mode
  • Dual/Triplex synchronous technology
  • PW spectrum with auto measurement and analysis
  • Optional puncture guidance technology
  • Dedicated software package:Comprehensive measurement packages, Vet-specific Presets, Vet-specific Comments, Vet-specific Body Marks
  • Supported Transducers: Convex, Linear, Micro-convex, Vet Micro-convex, Linear Rectal

High-density and Broadband Frequency Transducers

The high-density broadband transducers adopt new composite materials and advanced electronic composite scanning technologies, to provide you with excellent space/contrast resolution images and further enhance the far field penetration. At the same time, interference signals, such as artifacts and noises, are suppressed to a minimum.

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